Deputy uses cruiser to stop multi-vehicle accident

A Pinellas County Deputy put his own life at risk, purposely wrecking his cruiser to stop a car from plowing into other drivers.

Deputy Travis Sibley was driving his marked cruiser down Curlew Road Thursday night.  From the dash-cam video, you can see the car in front of him gets involved in a crash with another car at the intersection with U.S. Highway 19.

“It’s a very, very complicated chain of events,” said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.

The other driver told investigators she veered into the eastbound lanes to try to get out of the way for an ambulance coming up Curlew from behind.

The car that was heading east spun around after the impact, and for some reason, the woman behind the wheel steps on the gas, heading straight into on-coming traffic.

“You can have some head-on collisions, and certainly somebody’s life could have been lost, and you could have had some real serious injuries,” Gualtieri said.  “So Deputy Sibley did a great job, very quick thinking on his part.”

The eight-year veteran of the force turns his cruiser, and drives in front of the car now heading the wrong way.  The move successfully stopped the car, and avoided a potentially catastrophic situation on a busy roadway.

“These things happen so fast and the fact that he was able to use his experience, his training and his instincts and be able to stop that car, at least arguably he saved people from getting hurt and he may have saved some people from getting killed, so he did a great job,” said Gualtieri.

So far, none of the drivers involved have been cited.  The woman who yielded for the ambulance was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.