DeSantis pushes for Floridians to be allowed to buy prescription drugs from Canada

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took aim at the pharmaceutical industry Monday, unveiling his plan to make it legal for Floridians to import prescription medications from Canada.

DeSantis believes doing so would drastically lower prescription drug costs.

"We identified a federal law that allows for states to bring in drugs from Canada if the facilities are FDA approved," DeSantis told supports in Sun City Center. "The whole purpose is, if you have Canada drugs, the same drug costs 25% of what it costs here. We want Floridians to be able to share in those discounts."

The governor believes drug companies are taking advantage of customers and is making it his goal to figure out a way to lower the costs. DeSantis said he's already received support from President Trump and Florida lawmakers in both the state House of Representatives and Senate.

"If we're going to move Florida forward, we've got to be bold and that's what we are today," said Florida Sen. Aaron Bean, a Republican from Jacksonville. "There are two things we know about Canadians. One: They love curling. Two: They love saving money at their drug store."

Some lawmakers believe the plan would help save Floridians as much as 80% on their prescription costs.

Critics worry importing drugs from another country could lead to an increase in harmful counterfeit drugs. But the governor pushed back against that claim, saying the facilities in Canada would still have to be FDA-approved.

"This program only applies if we are showing that we are bringing drugs in that are safe and that are less expensive than what we already have. What's the reason to do it otherwise? I don't want unsafe drugs. I don't want expensive drugs," he said. "I think this is one way where we can provide some relief for consumers."

Even if lawmakers pass legislation of his nature, it would still need to be approved by the federal government.