Developers say plan for Clearwater condos has been redesigned to fit community

Residents in the Edgewater community are split over plans for a seven-story condo building in the Clearwater neighborhood.

Many say the project will kill the area's ‘Old Florida’ feel. But others say the condos could increase their property value.

Kate Belniak, the president of the Edgewater Drive Neighborhood Association, says her group of is concerned the building would kill the vibe of their neighborhood.

“We feel passionate about this,” said Belniak.

They’ve held protests outside city hall, hoping leaders get the message and squash the project. 

“We are not against reasonable development, but 100 feet [tall] and 79 units is just unreasonable,” she said. "It doesn't fit with the character."

Alan McDonnell, with the development company Valor Capital, says they’re not being unreasonable.

The planners say they’ve worked with members of the neighborhood, redesigning the building multiple times. They’ve also moved it back from the street.

“We are right on the main street. We are right on waterfront property, we are right on Alternate Route 19, it’s a gateway into basically Clearwater,” McDonnell told FOX 13.

Valor Capital’s marketing team pointed us to Kim Joyce, who lives nearby the proposed building site.  She’s in favor of the project.

“It’s going to get developed at some point. It could be a nightclub,” Joyce said. “A modern development is going to bring up property values. It's great!”

Clearwater’s development board will hear the proposal for the condo building at the end of this month.