Dietitian weighs the pros and cons of popular diet plans

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Getting back on track physically for the new year isn't easy. Besides hitting the gym, many people may be looking at some diet plans to lose weight as part of their new year’s resolutions.

Dietitian Sarah Krieger cuts through some of the popular diets, such as the Ketogenic diet, or Keto.

"Very high fat usually, usually 70 percent of calories coming from fat, 20 percent from protein and less than 10 percent from carbohydrates,” Krieger said. "The pros are quick weight loss which is what a lot of people want.”

But she said there are some cons that come with Keto as well, such as long-term planning and success.

"I haven't met anyone who can do it more than a couple of months without missing out on the foods that they used to eat,” Krieger said.

Whole 30 is another diet that has become popular in the past several years, but Krieger says the plan may be very limiting to most dieters.

"I find that even looking at the menus that there's a lot of repetition and that's why people can only do it for 30 days,” she said, “because they're like, ‘OK, what else is there to eat?’”

Then there’s the so-called “caveman diet,” called Paleo.

"Anyone who loves meat gets so excited about this diet because it justifies they can eat meat all day long," Krieger said. “It's very limiting in other food groups though, [such as] no dairy, no beans.”

She also advises to be careful about making healthy choices if going vegan.

"Things like popcorn and chips and French fries and pasta: yeah, those are all vegan choices, but are they the most nutritious?" she pointed out.

Krieger says she sees added benefits to the Mediterranean diet with its healthy fats and limited red meat.

"We know that it can help to lower cardiovascular disease, blood pressure," said Krieger.

But clinical psychologist Dr. Thomas Quinlan says there is more to steady weight loss than what you eat.

"Take it slow, be realistic and get the professional help that they need as they move along," Quinlan advised.

Health experts recommend consulting with a doctor before beginning any diet plan.