Dog Bar employees rescue woman being assaulted in bathroom, police say

Police say staff at a popular St. Petersburg bar helped save a woman who was being sexually assaulted in the bathroom.  

Sunday afternoon, investigators say, Jarrod Matchett came to the Dog Bar on Central Avenue with a woman he met earlier in the day.    

Police say the two went to the bathroom together, but things took a turn and became violent. According to police, consent was never given.  

"She did not want to continue, and she had felt like things had taken a turn. At that point she became afraid," said Yolanda Fernandez, St. Pete police spokesperson. 

Police say the woman was able to access her phone and message the bar’s Facebook page that she was being sexually assaulted and for them to call the police.    

They did, and the bar manager and a loyal customer were able to run to the bathroom and intervene, getting the woman to safety.    

"It was fortunate that she [the bar manager] had her phone and read the message right away," said Fred Metzler, Dog Bar owner. "I’m really proud of my staff for jumping in…10 minutes later it could have been a whole other story." 

Police say they were able to quickly track Matchett down nearby, where he was arrested and charged with sexual battery.