Dog stolen from St. Pete home

Stephanie Andrion is heartbroken.

"There is her little dirt nest," she pointed out.

Her dog, Belle should be resting in a St. Petersburg yard along 15th Avenue South, but she is gone.

"She would  bury herself a little bit and just cool out and watch everything out. It was very soothing for her," Andrion told FOX 13.

Stephanie and her boyfriend rescued the two year old lab pit mix a year ago. She was pregnant and her owners no longer wanted her.

"She is very friendly and very loving. You see that in her face and any type of expression," said Andrion.

Belle was less than 10 feet away from her home. She was nestled in between a fence and a tree when Stephanie said she was taken by two men in a white Avalanche Truck.

"A neighbor had witnessed her being taken by two guys just coming up and grabbing her and throwing her in the truck," she said.

Stephanie can't comprehend why anyone would take Belle. She can only think the worst.

"I don't know what they are going to do with her. I don't know why they would take her. She has a collar on. They know that someone loves her. That she is registered. We just don't understand why someone would take her," she explained.

Stephanie has done everything from posting flyers in the area to calling every shelter and vet's office.

She now worries Belle's puppies will never see their mother again, but she refuses to give up and only wants Belle back.

"We love her and its hard, especially when I have two puppies at home wondering where their mommy is and they can't go and play with their mommy because she is not here. We don't know where she is," she added.

A $1500 dollar reward is being offered for Belle's return by her owners.