Double-murder suspect smirks during first court appearance

Terez Jones now joins two other men at the Manatee County Jail. All three are accused of forcing their way into the home of Kantral Brooks and Estar Deneus and murdering the couple in front of their five children.

Jones was not happy knowing cameras were recording his first appearance.

He put his hands up, trying to shield his face. He complained to a deputy about the cameras and flashed an obscene gesture before he was escorted to a private room.

When Jones was brought into court, Judge John Lakin did not waste any time.

"It is yet another example of weapons in this community and it is reprehensible and it is escalating and it needs to stop," he expressed.

He said the crime was so horrific, that he denied Jones bond.

"No one has been convicted of this crime, but based on the evidence of this court I find that he is a danger to the community and I will set no bond for him," Judge Lakin added.

The judge was serious, but Jones smirked as the judge excused him.

Police say Jones, along with Trey Nonombre and Jimmie McNear, targeted the home of Kantal Brooks early Thursday morning.

Surveillance video shows three men with guns and their faces hidden, forcing their way inside.

In less than two minutes they were done. Brooks and his girlfriend were dead.

Police aren't certain of a motive, but they found 14-ounces of cocaine in a cooler inside a car and drugs in the home.

"You find that amount of narcotics, a large amount of narcotics you would seem to think that that amount was there for sale. Smaller amounts could be for personal use, but 14 ounces we believe that was for sale," said Lt. James Racky.

Jones will remain at the Manatee County Jail until his next court date, which is set for early August.

All three men face two counts of second-degree murder and attempted home invasion.

The State Attorney's Office will go in front of a grand jury next Thursday to ask for first-degree murder charges.