Dozens of rescued Great Danes recovering in Manatee

There are some new residents at the Humane Society of Manatee County -- 23 Great Danes are now recovery and waiting for the day they can be adopted.

"Some of them were nothing, but skin and bones," said Eric Currie.

Eric Currie, a volunteer with The Humane Society of Manatee County quickly offered to help the dogs once he heard their story.

"It is a far cry from when we picked them up," he told FOX 13.

Deputies in Desoto County raided a Great Dane puppy mill in Arcadia. More than 60 Great Danes were taken.  Their owner, Debora Rivera was arrested on July 10 charged with aggravated animal neglect.

One third of the rescued Great Danes have seen progress in two weeks.

"Even the skinniest ones were putting on some meat. Their tails are up their ears are up. They're looking around having fun," commented Currie.

The Humane Society treated the dogs for fleas, ticks and open wounds.

"We are just treating any medical conditions. Some of them will go through heart worm treatment," said shelter manager Travis Jones.

The dogs appear to be adjusting to their new surroundings.

"A lot of them were really shy when they got here. We had volunteers and staff work with them and within a few days they just really warmed up," explained Jones.

Now they are nearly ready to find their forever homes.

"Even the ones that are most afraid are still trying to reach out and still trying to be friends and still trying to show they want nothing more than to play, eat food, lounge about and just be dogs," added Currie.

The Manatee County Humane Society believes some of the Great Danes will be ready for adoption early next week.

The Humane Society asks that people do not call, but go online to for more information.

There will be no waiting lists. The dogs will be adopted on a first come, first serve basis.