Dream of owning ice cream shop comes true for Tampa family

On the busy streets of Ybor City, Max Chillura has fulfilled his dream of owning an ice cream shop. 

"It’s always had been a passion of mine," the 25-year-old shared. "Something at a young age that I wanted to do."  

Chillura's passion for ice cream started when he was 12 years old. He and his family use to sit out on their front porch and layout plans for an ice cream shop in their South Tampa neighborhood. 

"It was my goal to make the best ice cream really in the world," Chillura explained. 

Max and his family opened up Chill Bros Scoop Shop two years ago in Ybor City. 

"My brother, he handles the business end," Chillura said. "My little sister is our local graphic artist. My little brother went back to school but he helped us by making ice cream."

Chillura went to Italy to learn the tricks of the trade. 

"We ended up landing on an all-natural product made the traditional way," he shared.  

Just a few simple ingredients: "Our ice cream starts with milk, cream, sugar, a little bit of salt and egg yolks that's it. We don't put anything unnatural in it," said Chillura. 

The frozen dessert is so popular that they open up a second location in South Tampa last year, right in the middle of the pandemic. 

"Ice cream is comfort food. So, people enjoy it."  

It's a labor of love that is proving a sweet treat for all to enjoy.

The shop even makes its own waffle cones and cookies.

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