Emergency hearing held in Hulkster v Gawker case

Wrestling star Hulk Hogan sat quietly in court as his attorney Ken Turkel went on the attack. "They tried to ruin his… his career is done at this point judge we want to find out what happened here, " said Turkel.

They're accusing the celebrity gossip site Gawker of leaking a story to a tabloid about Hogan’s use of racial slurs in a sex tape.

After the story was published last week, the WWE fired Hogan and removed any mention of him from their website.

Now Hogan's attorneys are pointing the finger at Gawker and want their computers and files turned over so they can track down the leak.

"See whether they were communicating with the Enquirer about these sealed court documents and how to get them or where they are," Turkel explained.

But Gawker's attorney Seth Berlin denies leaking anything. "We know… we know we have not done what they are saying," said Berlin.

In fact, they say several people and police agencies have their hands on the sealed documents and tapes so anyone could have leaked it. "This is the last refuge for a desperate litigant and this really falls into the category the best defense is a good offense," Berlin added.


The two are no strangers in the courtroom. They've been locked in a long legal battle worth $100 million.

Hogan is suing Gawker for violating his privacy after they posted a clip of a leaked sex tape involving him and the now ex-wife of Bubba the Love Sponge.

But Gawker says it’s a First Amendment issue and the sex tape was newsworthy.

While that trial is scheduled for next year, Thursdays dust up won't be decided immediately.

Hogan tried to sneak out of the courthouse escorted by deputies thru a back way. Dodging reporter questions but not our camera.