Faith in Action: Christmas trees for a cause

It's a sign of the season: sprawling lots, promising holiday cheer in the form of a full and fragrant Christmas tree.

But at Plant City Church of God, each transaction is about more than just the tree. All proceeds go toward helping children in need this Christmas.

"Folks are already purchasing a Christmas tree. So why not have that money go to something good, to help kids?" Pastor J.D. Woodside said.

The church is partnering with the organization 'Buy a Tree, Change a Life', a Homestead-based group that helps churches fundraise through Christmas tree sales.

The trees come to them at cost, church sponsors buy in bulk, and then the community purchases them and funds a mission in the process.

"We're hoping folks will come and pay a little too much for their tree, and go a little over and above our price range," Woodside laughed.

85% of sales will go to orphans in Cambodia. 15% will help kids here at home.

"Long after that's gone, you know that your money is still helping children in our community and also around the world," Woodside said.

Plant City Church of God's tree lot is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm. It's open Sunday from 1pm to 9pm. It's located at 2103 Mud Lake Road in Plant City.