Family fighting for custody of accused murderer Robert Kessler’s daughter

While accused murder suspect Robert Kessler sits in jail, his 7-year-old daughter is in foster care still waiting to be reunited with her mother's family.

"They have told us that she, you know, does good most days, but she has her moments where she kind of questions and gets curious about, you know, I guess, like her dad and how he's doing," the girl's maternal aunt Sarah Gray said.

Kessler is accused of killing Stephanie Crone-Overholts, dismembering her and disposing of her body parts in McKay Bay last month.

In interviews, Kessler’s 7-year-old daughter told investigators that Crone-Overholts stayed with them for about a week and she saw the couple arguing about money the night before she disappeared.

Gray says her sister, the girl's mother, died of a drug overdose in September. That's one of the last times she saw her 7-year-old niece, whom she describes as bubbly and talkative.

"She's involved in gymnastics. She was involved in piano classes as well and loves to swim and just be outside. So she's a very active little girl, but wonderful," Gray said.

Since Kessler's arrest on November 24, the girl has been in foster care, unable to communicate directly with her family. However, the Florida Department of Children and Families tells Gray the girl has expressed she wants to be back with them.

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"The first thing I was thinking of was like, ‘Oh my gosh, you know, I can do this for her birthday. I can do this like thinking of all the future memories I can create,’" Gray said.

As for Kessler's case, on Wednesday prosecutors disclosed that a second set of DNA belonging to an unknown female was found in the home while investigating the crime scene.

"I would suggest to the court that alone shows a disregard for the safety of the community that now we potentially have two victims," Assistant State Attorney Scott Harmon said.

Police at the scene where a human body part was found Thursday, Nov. 11

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Prosecutors aren't saying anything more about this second set of DNA or if in fact, they believe there is a second victim.

As for the custody of Kessler's 7-year-old daughter, Gray says the next hearing isn't until January. They're hoping to work out a plan to at least see the girl before Christmas.

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