Fans get up close and personal with teams at Media Day

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No matter which side you're on, media day for the College Football National Championship has a way of bringing out the excitement in fans.

"This is a dream for me," said Alabama fan Tiffany Holley.

Tiffany lives and breaths the Crimson Tide. She kept a close eye out for her favorite 'Bama players as they entered Amalie Arena Saturday.

"I booked my flight back in October. I knew we had this," she said.

While she wears, "I'm a Nick Chick" button, for her head coach, she seemed to have her eyes set on a former Gator turned ESPN broadcaster.

"Everybody loves you, Tebow," she yelled.

But while some Alabama fans kept their eyes on Tim Tebow, Clemson fans prepared for their media hour.

"I can't help it. I'm so excited," said Sandy Troiano.

Sandy loves her team so much, she lost her voice by screaming her heart out.

"Unreal. I can't talk right now," said Troiano.

She and her son, Josh came down from Pittsburgh.

"It's a blessing to be here with her and to get to experience this. It's really cool," said Josh.

He said it's not a shock his mom's voice didn't hold up. He just wants it to be back for kickoff Monday night.

"She wears herself out way too quick. She's already lost her voice and it's two days before the game," he said.

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