Festive photoshoot brings needed laughs and smiles during pandemic

After hanging out with some friends and joking around by holding pumpkins up to their heads, professional photographer Jennifer Sapountsis came up with spooky, creative, funny, and cheesy ideas.

Her friends carved pumpkins and made a hole in the bottom big enough to fit over their heads. Sapountsis began taking pictures of them with the pumpkins on their heads, eating pizza, and drinking Sam Adams beers.

"It's safe to say I was laughing the entire time, crying laughing, to the point where I couldn't even shoot some of the times it's so funny," Sapountsis said.  

She says her goal with this photoshoot, called "Pizza and Boo's," would bring people smile and laughter during this difficult time with the pandemic.

"This is something I wanted to do to just bring some smiles to people's faces, get a laugh out of everybody, have some fun, and realize that even though there's such a hard time going on right now, we still can smile, it's just over something like this, pizza, beer, and pumpkin heads," said Sapountsis.

Sapountsis' friend who was in the photoshoot, sent the pictures to Sam Adams, and they loved it

"They messaged me and said they want to post them all over on Halloween and use them for their Halloween posting," said Sapountsis.

If you want to check out the whole photoshoot or see more of Sapountsis' work, check out her Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.pullara.