FHP, drivers share tips for holiday travel success

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, roads will get busier. AAA predicts this will be the largest travel season since the recession. 

Bay Area drivers let FOX 13 News in on their holiday travel plans and shared some of their strategies to avoid headaches.

Jean Devine said she and her family are hitting the highway and headed two and a half hours away to Longwood.

"We'd love to avoid as much traffic as we can," she said. "Holidays can be very hectic, busy on the road, but we are going to leave very early."

AAA  predicts about 48.7 million people will be traveling during this Thanksgiving season. About 89-percent of them will be driving. The Florida Highway Patrol wants to make sure everyone gets to their destinations safely. They say slow down and be aware of your surroundings.

"The key to traveling this time of year is leaving early and having a backup plan. If there is a crash on the interstate or one of the major highways you are taking, have that alternative route already in your phone or your laptop," said Trooper Ken Watson.

The FHP also warns drivers to be careful in construction zones. Workers will be off on Thanksgiving Day, but will be back on the job for the rest of the holiday weekend. Troopers say you should also travel with a few key items.

"You want to have a phone and you always want to have a little additional water in the vehicle with you, just in case you get in traffic that is backed up. It's nice to have something there cool to drink. It'll help keep you hydrated and it'll help keep you calm when you're waiting in that traffic," said Trooper Watson.