Florida man steals pantry truck donated by Polk Sheriff’s Charities filled with $25K of food: Grady Judd

A wanted Polk County man may have let his craving for potato salad get the best of him when Sheriff Grady Judd says he took off in a food pantry truck and shared stolen snacks with his friends. 

According to Judd, Jamie Hunt, 47, was fired from Freedom Tour, a charity that uses mobile pantries to bring food to underserved communities, for abusing drugs. 

However, Judd said Hunt recently went to a church in Eloise to charge his scooter.

While his scooter was charging, Judd said Hunt jumped into a Freedom Tour box truck, which was donated by the Polk Sheriff’s Charities, and drove to nearby Wahneta to visit friends. 

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Judd said someone had left the keys inside the truck, which was filled with $25,000 worth of food. 

"While he was visiting friends, he gave them some potato salad," Judd stated. 

Jamie Hunt mugshot courtesy of Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Jamie Hunt mugshot courtesy of Polk County Sheriff's Office. 

Deputies followed Hunt as he drove the truck back to the church in Eloise following a 911 call regarding the missing vehicle. 

"I guess he’s thinking no harm, no foul," Judd said. 

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However, Hunt had an outstanding warrant for petit theft. He was also charged with grand theft of the truck, grand theft of $25K worth of food, driving with a suspended license, and burglary of an unoccupied structure.

"We support Freedom Tour. They do a great job," Judd stated. "We put him in jail. He didn't do a great job."

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