Forecast: Wednesday night may be coldest in several years

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Another blast of cold air is headed our way making for what may be Tampa's coldest night in several years. Temperatures in the city will be at or near freezing while outlying areas will be even colder.

According to FOX 13 Chief Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto, the last time Tampa dropped to 32 degrees was January 13, 2010.  However, he pointed out that urban development around Tampa International Airport – where the official measurement is taken – has made the freezing mark a more “elusive” target.

It may happen Wednesday night, though.  A cold front will arrive during the day Wednesday, sending temperatures plummeting.

“We’re going to make it up into the 60s for highs, but as soon as this front comes through – I mean, literally as soon as it comes through – we are going to drop temperatures very, very quickly,” meteorologist Dave Osterberg warned.

The forecast for Tampa is currently a low of 33, but parts of the city could drop lower.  Inland and northern counties will definitely dip below freezing; some areas will see lows in the 20s.

LINK: Tampa Bay area weather forecast

Unlike the last round of cold air, though, this chill will not last long.

“This is one of those forecasts where you kind of scratch your head, because you’re going to wake up Thursday morning and it’s going to be below freezing in many spots,” Osterberg continued.  “But by Saturday afternoon, you’re back in shorts again with temperatures in the 70s.”

That’s good news for Gasparilla revelers.  The Gasparilla Extravaganza – better known as the Kids’ Parade – is Saturday afternoon.  The weather should be mostly sunny with a high in the low 70s.