Former Port Richey mayor found guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice

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Former Port Richey mayor, Dale Massad was found guilty of conspiracy to corrupt justice and misuse of a 2-way communication device.

Tuesday's verdict is one of two facing Massad, who has been held without bail since February when he was arrested for attempted murder for allegedly firing a weapon at law enforcement officers during a SWAT raid.

At the time, investigators said they had evidence against him and were attempting to arrest him for practicing medicine without a license.

However, the trial this week is for an obstruction of justice charge. Massad will face the attempted murder charges at a second trial on a later date. 

While in jail, prosecutors said Massad tried to obstruct justice by attempting to intimidate a witness – a Port Richey police officer who was involved in February’s SWAT raid. He is accused of making a jailhouse phone call to the city’s then-interim mayor to conspire against the officer. 

The jury was seated Monday. Opening statements began Tuesday morning and by Tuesday evening, a guilty verdict was returned.