Friends remember Pasco County defense contractor killed in Jordan

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Wesley Chapel's James "Damon" Creach is being remembered as a devoted father, dedicated husband and occasional funny man.

"He's a fairly small guy, but he's got a big personality. He's a leader. He's sharp, smart, and witty," said family friend Mark Rose.

He was also passionate about his work.  Creach was employed by DECO Inc.  He was a state department contractor training Jordanian police officers.

"I don't have risks like that in my day to day life, most people don't.  To be in an area of the world where there are dangers, yeah, it is noble," Rose said.

Creach was one of two Americans killed Monday when a Jordanian police officer opened fire at a facility near the capital of Amman.

In a statement to FOX 13 DECO says, "it is saddened by the attack" and goes on to say it is "working closely with both the U.S. and Jordanian governments in taking care of our injured and deceased personnel." 

"This is nothing I've ever experienced before. Damon was a friend and I haven't had a friend get killed," Rose said.

Creach leaves behind a wife and their children. 

The Damon Creach Memorial Fund has been set up online to prepare them for what's ahead. 

"There eventually comes a time when emotions run dry and the truth of a practical life with financial obligations become reality," a post on the page reads. "This fund is for the many who know the family and are asking what they can do, or for others who want to support a good man, an American, and a family in time of great need."

"There are financial needs. Heather is a single mom now," said Rose. 

Click here to visit The Damon Creach Memorial Fund website.