From Lakeland, Floridians get a colorful taste of France

DOU Bakehouse is an artisan bakery located in Lakeland, Florida. They do most of their business in wholesale to resorts in Orlando, but they have curbside pickup available at their kitchen in Lakeland. 

They also attend the Lakeland and Winter Haven Farmer’s Markets every weekend. 

Artisan means that from start to finish, they are making everything by hand. 

"So it’s always a new experience every day. We are creating things," explained pastry chef and co-owner Diana Cortes.

DOU Bakehouse’s best seller is their macarons. They are filled with ganache that is naturally flavored with either fruit puree, nut paste, coffee or tea. 

"I really like that I can play with the colors, play with flavors. I love using passion fruit because I am originally from Colombia," Diana continued. 

Co-owner David Hernandez says one of his favorite moments is seeing market customers try them for the first time. 

"The reaction when they bite them, that’s something you don’t get in a wholesale level. You only get that on a retail level," he said.