Gamers become game-makers at Florida Poly

Students at Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland showed off their class-made video games Thursday at the school’s Game Expo. 

For many of them, it was their first time creating their own game. 

“This is the first time showing my game off to other people it’s cool experience how much people actually like and enjoy our game,” said Sophomore Orion Mendes.

Mendes wants to become a game developer, as do many of his classmates. Gaming has become a multi-billion dollar business, overtaking Hollywood and the music industry combined.

“It is a way that brings people together, so it’s just a nice area to be in even though it makes a lot of work to make it happen,” said senior Alec Maier. 

Maier created "Piñata Attack," a virtual reality game.

FOX 13’s Josh Cascio got a chance to go hands-on with it and several more of the students’ games. He said their passion showed through. 

“Seeing other people play games that you made is rewarding,” Maier said.

With attention on gaming at an all-time high, these students hope to be a part of the next generation of developers.

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Florida Polytechnic University Game Expo