Girl who went on Amazon toy-buying spree donates to hospital

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There’s a heartwarming update to the story of the little girl who bought herself $350 worth of toys on Amazon without her mother knowing.

Photos of six-year-old Kaitlin standing next to her haul being unloaded into her Utah home’s driveway spread across the internet this week.

She apparently went on an Amazon shopping spree without her parents knowing.

Her mom said she could buy a Barbie as a prize for doing extra chores.

Instead of just buying one doll, Kaitlin went to town.

She bought toys, video games, and board games.

Now a family member has shared the follow-up to the story - photos of Kaitlin dropping off some of those toys at primary children's hospital in Salt Lake City.

Kaitlin stayed at the hospital for a week as a baby so the family decided she could spread a little joy for other kids in need.

As for the Barbie she was supposed to buy, her mom let her keep it.