Hattricks: A sports bar so good, even the officials go after the game

Anyone who’s ever participated or spectated in a sporting event knows the importance of enjoying a delicious meal after the game.

Greg Kaiser, who is in charge of all area high school football officials, understands this all too well. 

He discovered one of his favorite places to eat, Hattricks Tavern, after a high school football game. 

“We were at Blake High School doing a game and looked for a place to come, and they have a tremendous reputation in the community of being one of the best sports bars, so we gave it a try,” Kaiser explained. 

Kaiser loved it so much he decided to share the popular sports bar with FOX 13’s Chip Brewster. 

Hattricks is known for their outstanding chicken wings, but has a variety of other options on their menu like the Hattricks burger topped with Guinness gravy. 

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Beyond the food, Hattricks has created atmosphere that is hard to beat. 

“Well this place certainly has the sports feel to it, the sports food to it, and of course the sports comradery to it,” Chip said after enjoying a Hattricks burger. 

If you would like to check Hattricks out for yourself, it is located at 107 S Franklin St. 

Phone Number: (813) 225-4288 

LINK:  https://hattrickstavern.com/