Haunted school in Ireland releases chilling new video

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A new surveillance video inside a supposedly haunted school in Cork City, Ireland appears to show move ghostly activity in the hallways overnight.

Deerpark Christian Brothers School (CBS) posted video on YouTube earlier in October with the caption, "Ghost caught on camera?"

The school's first video shows lockers opening and closing, lockers shaking, books flying out of lockers, and the wet floor sign flipping and flying across the floor.

Now the school has posted a second, terrifying video of activity in the hallway. Chairs slide across the hall, a book bag flies off some lockers and lands upright on the floor, and a poster comes off the wall, seemingly flung to the other side.

The school's deputy principal, Aaron Wolfe previously reported that the school is "quite a scary building" but thought people let their "imaginations run away with them.

The school was founded in 1828 and was relocated to its current spot in 1968, Wolfe says.

The area where the school sits was the location of the gallows and many people were hanged there during the penal times of the Irish Famine, Wolfe added. 

"We're also very close to the famine workhouse (which is now a hospital) - so there's a lot of history in the area," Wolfe said.

Wolfe said he doesn't believe the school is haunted and was trying to figure out how these pranks were being pulled off. 


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