'He said, she said' over missing jewels

Scott Mitchell and Mary Hunt had plans to get married and live happily ever after, but Scott says when the love was gone, so were millions of dollars in jewels, diamonds, and gold.

He says she stole them.  She says he's lying.

Mary told police the same thing.  "I've never seen a vault room or a safe room or went near it and he has camera's 24/7 in his home so if I was anywhere near it the cameras would have me on it."

But Mary does have Scott on cell phone video kicking her out of his home, tearing up her clothes, and even charging at her.

"You're being violent; stop!" Mary is heard saying on the cell phone video. 

Mary told police their tumultuous relationship was filled with abuse, manipulation, and false accusations.

"He's accused me of a lot of things. It's a way he controls me," said Mary.

And court documents show it's not the first time Scott Mitchell has made inflammatory claims that got him sued.  Records show he created a blog accusing a former business associate and his wife of having sex parties and running a prostitution ring from their home.

The case was quietly settled.  But Scott's federal case against his ex just unraveled.

The U.S. Attorney decided this month not to prosecute the case, although Mary is still facing state charges of grand theft.  Expect an ugly battle in court with a lot of dirty laundry to boot.