Her sustainable fashions look good and help save the world

Tayler Sallee, owner of Tailor Sallee Fashions in Tampa, is a senior at the Art Institute of Tampa studying fashion merchandising and marketing.

“I got into this, actually, at a sustainable fashion summit that they were having at USF,” she said.

Her work is centered on sustainability. 

“I know I've always been into fashion and I always wanted to work in fashion but I went to this forum where they were talking ‘Fast Fashion.’”

Fast Fashion is a trend were clothes are made quickly and rushed to market but create enormous waste.

“All of these practices with Fast Fashion really bothered me, and you know I was continuing to wear these brands that I purchased at the mall,” she continued. “I just didn't feel right supporting these companies with my dollars so I said, you know, I can do something about this. I can create fashion for people and save the planet at the same time.”

Tayler is giving consumers another option. She up-cycles clothes and takes advantage of dead stock, finding raw materials at thrift stores.

“I tear it apart and then re-sew it back together, come up with the concept of the new design and turn it into something new and unique,” she explained.

Most of her creations are unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

The best way to check out Tayler’s designs are to browse her website, TailorSallee.com, or her Instagram and YouTube channels.