Hollis Garden: Just as beautiful from above

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Nestled next to the Lake Mirror Auditorium in Lakeland is a unique garden that tells the story of Florida’s history. Hollis Garden is located on 1.2 acres of land along the south side of Lake Mirror. 

The park opened December 8, 2000, fulfilling a vision of the center’s original architect that dated all the way back to 1928.  The botanical garden was donated to the city of Lakeland by Mark and Lynn Hollis, who were inspired by a trip to New Zealand. 

In Hollis Garden, you can find over 10,000 flowers, ornamental shrubs, native trees and several water displays – all of which tell the a story of Florida’s history. 

“Our goal is to make sure that when people visit Hollis Garden, they see something new and their experience is different every time they visit,” explained Kevin Polk, the supervisor of the gardens.

Hollis Garden is a popular place to take pictures for any occasion. You can spend an hour or the full day just relaxing there. 

“The staff and I at Hollis Garden love what we do but most importantly we love providing a beautiful place for the community to visit,” Polk added.

The park is open Sunday through Saturday and closed on Mondays.

LINK: For more information, visit Lakeland's web site