Humane Society of Tampa Bay turns to virtual fundraising to help support homeless animals

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is usually spending this time around October preparing for their biggest fundraiser of the year, Tuxes and Tails. 

However, because of the pandemic, they have turned to a "Virtual Week of Giving," where there are a number of ways to volunteer and donate to this great cause.

What some of that money and donations go towards is on full display with Matt Pascual, a volunteer who delivers "Animeals" to those who can't make ends meet, but do not want to surrender their animals.

"I've seen some people tell me that they would sacrifice their own meals so they can find some food for their animals -- sad to say," Pascual explained to FOX 13. "They do love their animals. That's their only companionship in a lot of ways. I know how important companionship is in a lot of ways to these people are. They get you through some tough times." 

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At the beginning of every month, he has a route that usually takes him about 4-5 hours, and he has help along the way.

"I think they're great ambassadors," Pascual said. "They always love coming out and seeing the dogs and they're always great with the humans and like I said ... it really lifts their spirits."

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His three Samoyed dogs -- one he adopted from the shelter -- go along for the ride and they seem to love it. Pascual feels like the least he can do is give a little back.

"I feel like I have more than I deserve and I want to give back to the community. It's very stress-relieving coming here and knowing your helping people in need," he said.

For more information on "Virtual Week of Giving" which includes a wine auction, silent auction and a live celebrity show, head over to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay's website.