Innocent man injured in Pasco crash featured on 'Live PD'

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A kidnapping suspect fleeing Pasco County deputies plowed into an innocent driver. The wanted man died after the wrong-way, head-on wreck, leaving a father of three in the ICU with serious injuries.

Kirby Sober’s wife says the 24-year-old is lucky to be alive after the fiery crash. Kirby has second-degree burns on his back and arm and has already undergone two surgeries for severely broken bones in his leg.

"I don't know how he lived, like honestly, I really don't," Heather Kirby said.

Heather says the entire ordeal has been overwhelming.          

Kirby was at his job as a street sweeper Saturday night, heading down State Route 54 when the father of three went from innocent driver to victim.

"He's constantly asking me, 'What I did to deserve this, Heather, what did I do to deserve this?'"

It all started when the Pasco County Sheriff's Office was called to a convenience store. We're told Michael Blomberg was fighting with his ex-girlfriend and trying to abduct her. When authorities showed up, the 54-year-old drove off.

Deputies chased Blomberg down the 55 mph roadway. 

“Our deputies believed that she was in that vehicle, we tried to save her life,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “So happened that she was still at the gas station.”

After about four miles, Blomberg’s car slammed head-on into Kirby’s work truck and the vehicles burst into intense flames.  Kirby managed to climb out on his own, while officials pulled the suspected drunk driver from his seat.

The aftermath played out on national television as part of the A&E Network show "Live PD."

Now, Kirby and Heather's attorney wants to know if this crash could have been avoided. 

Hunter Higdon with Florin Gray Bouzas Owens is requesting every audio and video recording from the sheriff's office, as well as "Live PD," to try and figure out if the chase or the broadcast played a role in landing his client in the hospital.

"There's a lot of innocent people out there who are hurt on a daily basis, through no fault of their own, and the accidents, a lot of the time can be prevented," Higdon said.

The young couple has three boys under the age of 6, and Kirby will likely be out of work for months because of his injuries.

"Kirby makes our money, we have no income coming in at this point now,” said Heather. “How is our rent supposed to be paid, how is our electric supposed to be paid?"

Heather says their lives have been turned upside down because of someone else's actions.           

To help pay for the bills that are piling up, she started this GoFundMe page.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story was not clear on which events were shown on 'Live PD.' This version of the story has been updated.