Janiya's grandmother: Plenty of blame to go around

Patricia Oliver doesn't know what went wrong or when.  But when asked who failed her granddaughter, Janiya Thomas, she said there's plenty of blame to go around.

"Her mother [failed her], because mothers are there to protect her children," she said, but added, "I think CPS should have done their job."

She also blamed herself.

"Even though I didn't know where she was living at, I didn't try to find where she was living at."

Patricia's son was Janiya's father. He died of a heart attack in December of 2010.

It was the last time she saw Janiya.

"I didn't know where she was.  I would go around to her other grandmother's house, but I never did see her," she continued.

According to Child Protective Services, no one had seen Janiya alive since June 9 of 2014, a year and a half ago.  Yet no one reported her missing.

"We all need to step up," said Wayne Washington, who is planning a vigil for Janiya on Sunday night.  "This is a reality check for not only the justice system, but us as a community. We need to check on each other."

Washington believes Janiya is the victim of a society that turned its back.

"All of us as a community has failed this child," he continued, accepting some of the blame himself. "Somebody, over that long period of time, somebody should have been able to raise enough questions or concerns to say where that young lady was."

Meanwhile, the Medical Examiner's Office says it has completed the autopsy on the body found in a freezer but the medical examiner is not yet prepared to officially identify the remains as Janiya.

The girl's mother, Keishana Thomas, will be back in front of a judge tomorrow morning for a contempt of court charge -- her fifth appearance in court since Friday.