John's Pass Village: a scenic destination for both locals and tourists alike

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John’s Pass is just a little slice of Madeira Beach, and it’s one of Pinellas County’s top attractions for both tourists and locals. 

It was created back in 1948. There was a hurricane that came through that actually split what is now known as Treasure Island and Madeira Beach. A lot of the locals call it the village, but its official name is Johns’ Pass Shopping Village.

It has everything about 130 shops of all different kinds. There are restaurants and attractions – including a place to meet alligators. Visitors can go jetskiing, parasailing, fishing, and have your fresh catch cooked up at the “Friendly Fisherman.”

John’s Pass was named after a pirate, John Levique. They have since called it John’s Pass, which has been named the number one free attraction in Florida. There is no admission fee.

John’s Pass may have been under construction here or there, but the facade has always appeared to be a fishing village. It’s offers a beautiful and scenic view of Boca Ciega Bay, making it easy to spend an entire day here.