Judge hears about alleged kidnapper's past attacks

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Prosecutors say Trevor Summers had one final request for his soon-to-be ex-wife, Alisa Summers in the hours before signing their divorce papers.

"He asked to have sex with me one more time and I did," said Alisa.

The intimate moment did not last long. Alisa Summers said she had no idea the horror that was coming.

"He was very nice he said, 'Oh, I almost forgot. I've got one more thing for you,' and he had me follow him into the bedroom where he pushed me down and pulled out a machete, a giant knife, from in between the mattress, and held me against my will," said Alisa.

Alisa says she was held captive for six hours.

"[He said] that he couldn't live without me, that this wasn't okay, I could not get a divorce," said Alisa.

She was able to persuade him to let her go but, one month later, in March 2017, things would escalate.

At a hearing Monday, Alisa told the judge her estranged husband showed up to the family home and snuck in through an unlocked window.

Alisa said things got physical right away.

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"I was kicking and screaming and trying to get him off of me," said Alisa

She says Trevor tied her up, drugged her with cough medicine, sexually assaulted her, and tried to kill her.

"When I saw his face I knew, 'He's gonna kill me,' and he came in with a pillow and put a pillow over my face with his full weight. I mean, he was trying to kill me," said Alisa.

Alisa said she lost consciousness and when she woke up the Trevor kidnapped her and left a suicide note for their kids.

A police tip saved Alisa and sent her estranged husband to jail but the defense would challenge some of Alisa's story during this hearing. They questioned her past claims of sexual assault.

Alisa admitted there were no signs of a struggle during the attack and she never provided law enforcement with a rape kit.

After hearing the testimony, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Mark Kiser said he would decide soon whether a jury will get to hear about Trevor Summers' alleged past attacks. The trial is set for next week.