Judge revokes accused kidnapper's mail privileges

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A judge got an earful from Assistant State Prosecutor Jennifer Johnson after the man accused of kidnapping his wife in a murder, suicide plot was caught breaking the rules.

"Even after the court had ordered no contact with the children on June 15, he continued to write letters," Johnson told the judge of Trevor Summers's alleged behavior.

She says the letters were mean-spirited and spiteful.

"There are letters that are talking derogatory about their mother about how manipulative she is when, in fact, he is the one that is being manipulative in this situation," said Johnson.

Prosecutors say Summers found a way around the judge's rules - through his parents.

"He's saying in the letters, 'Please share my sentiments with my children,'" said Johnson.

These letters are the least of Summers' legal troubles. He's  facing a string of serious charges that include attempted murder, kidnapping, rape, and child neglect.

It all stems from earlier this year when detective say he broke into the family home and kidnapped his estranged wife, Alisa. She was eventually found safe by police. But the tug of war over their children rages on in family court.

Summers' parents want custody and so does their mother. Although, Summers' parents find themselves on the "outs" with the kids, too.

"The DCF court has ordered that his parents have no contact with the children because they were talking inappropriately about the case and him with the children," explained Johnson.

After getting caught red handed prosecutors want to strip Trevor Summers of his writing privileges but his attorney fought it. But Judge Mark Kiser sided with the prosecution.

"I will suspend his mailing privileges to anyone other than his attorneys," ruled Judge Kiser.