Jury selection begins in Avila double-murder trial

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Jury selection begins Monday in a double killing that shocked the Bay Area years ago.

What are now known as the “Avila Murders” happened at a mansion in the upscale subdivision back in January of 2012.

Dr. Hector Rivera, 76, and his wife Debra, 55, were found dead on their property- Dr. Rivera outside on the lawn, and his wife in a bathroom inside.

Now their driver, Julian Ospina-Florez is being tried for their deaths.

Investigators say they found a gun belonging to Florez in the home, as well as ammunition in his car. They also think he's responsible for the bloody footprints found at the scene.

Besides being their driver, Florez also helped Debra with her jewelry business. Detectives say they had a falling-out after she suspected he may have been involved in a burglary at the home a few weeks before their deaths.