Knitters switch to sewing to make PPE for frontline workers

A group of knitters has geared up to protect front-line workers by supplying PPE. Their dedicated act of service is what's right with Tampa Bay.

The Knitters for Charity material supply house is a sight to behold. It's the home of a group that has made a big impact in the Tampa Bay community for more than nine years.

"Donated more than 71,000 things here in our community and beyond," explained Jerrie Hoge.

Donations have included Teddy bears and blankets, which are distributed to anyone who needs them.

"We always do what people need," said Jerrie. "That's how we roll."

Now, the group has been called to another important mission: making PPE for workers on the front line of the fight against COVID-19.

"Masks, gowns, scrubs, hats, anything they need," Jerrie said.

"It's better to give than to get," said Jackie Summers, who has been with the group from the beginning. "I love to sew so its a good place for me to do what I like to do."

And sewed they have. This dream team of knitters has sewed more than 4,000 items in six weeks.

"I feel like we are really accomplishing something. It's just really amazing to me, how much we've done," Jerrie said.

The group has given to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and restaurants. For information, email Jerrie Hoge at