Lakeland mobile home park still flooded after Emily

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Tropical Storm Emily is gone, but she left her mark on Lakeland. The Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park, especially, felt her effects.

Parts of Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park, just off Old Tampa Highway, are still flooded. Gober Street is completely under water. It looks more like a swift-moving river with a strong current.

"It is really bad, really bad," Daniel Borgmeyer told FOX 13. "I am afraid to even flush my toilets right now... I'm thinking that I am going to have water come up through my drain lines."

His neighbor, Jose Laracuente, has another concern, his wife's health. He was supposed to take her to Moffit Cancer Center for an appointment, but the water on his street was so high he couldn't get his car out of the driveway.

LINK: Lakeland residents want help with flooding

"We called up and canceled the appointment," Laracuente said. "Just stayed in the house, waiting for it to go down. There is basically nothing we could do."

City officials say that the area has been a problem for years. Runoff from the surrounding area drains through the park into a nearby creek.

SWIFTMUD says it plans to send a crew to check out the situation to see if anything can be done.