Lakeland Sun 'N Fun launches Bahamas relief effort

David Harvey has been flying his plane to the Bahamas for years and loving every minute of it. In the wake of Hurricane Dorian ravaging the islands, Harvey says it is now payback time.

"There are so many great people over there that have been absolutely decimated by this, you want to help out however you can," he told FOX 13.

Harvey is one of the pilots flying relief supplies to the Bahamas, as soon as it's safe to land. Many of the country's major airports are underwater right now.

Harvey is not alone in his affection for the Bahamas and his empathy for the people now suffering there.

"I am heartbroken, I am absolutely heartbroken," Mike Ziziunas, president of the Lakeland Aeroclub commented.

Ziziunas is involved in Sun ‘N Fun's relief effort. It will officially start accepting donations on Friday.

"We are looking for general supplies," said Greg Gibson, who heads Sun ‘N Fun's marketing division. "Things like toiletries, paper goods.

Things that are disposable and expendable, baby items in particular."

Sun ‘N Fun is also trying to round up pilots and others to transport the goods to the islands.

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