Legoland adds jobs, and more could be coming

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It seems like every time you turn around, Legoland Florida is announcing that it is bringing more jobs to the area.

Thursday, Legoland celebrated the opening of its newest area of the park and announced that Heartlake City is generating 50 new jobs.

Heartlake City was developed to specifically entertain girls. There's a live show, new ride, and an attraction where kids can get in front of a TV camera and green screen to find out what it's like to be on the news.

That in and of itself is big news. But Legoland Florida CEO Adrian Jones told FOX 13 that much bigger happenings are in the works.

Merlin Entertainment -- the parent company of Legoland, which owns more than 100 properties worldwide -- is seriously considering setting down its corporate roots locally.

"This is huge," said Jones. "We are looking to expand central operations for North America and trying to do some aspects here in Polk County."

If the deal goes through, Merlin would move jobs now spread across the country in New York, Dallas, and California to Polk County. The new headquarters would bring 100 new high-paying jobs here.

"I just think it's a wonderful opportunity for the citizens of Winter Haven and the citizens of Central Florida to have those types of jobs in the area," said Katie Worthington, CEO of the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce.

Jones says it is impossible for him to say when the big move may happen.

"Because there are too many moving parts," he commented. "But we have been working with Enterprise Florida, and it's looking good."