Local photographer puts focus on women over 40

A local photographer is offering women different kid of photo experience with a focus on women over 40. 

Larissa Ensign, 48, of Portrait by Larissa is creating a way of celebrating how women have changed in this stage of life on the outside and inside. 

"Maybe the narrative kind of was that your life is over as you're more mature, but I feel like I'm just getting a few things started, so I'm pretty excited to be 50," said Ensign. "I think some women feel like they're in a transition point in their lifetime, and they just want to explore where they are now."

Maria Baron'tai, 48, decided to do something special, just for herself, by having her pictures taken.

"The one thing that I learned about myself is that I'm fancy and more free to be me," said Baron'tai. "I wasn't exactly who I thought I was in my 20s but now entering into my 50s what you see is what you get."

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Before the shoot, the women are given a full beauty treatment of hair and makeup. 

"Most women in their 40s they're starting to get into that mature skin range, and so you can't do their makeup the same way you would do a 20-year-old's makeup," said hair and makeup artist Ashley Christine.

It doesn't stop with just pictures. Ensign also is asking the women to share their personal stories. She wants their words with their photos for an exhibit that she's planning for June 2023.

"I had my voice almost taken away. I'm an aneurism survivor. I feel like I want women to understand how valuable they are," Ensign said. 

It's giving women a different image of embracing life over 40.

"I'm getting back so much from them myself as I interview the women, and they just have so much to say. They've lived these beautiful lives", said Ensign.

For more information, https://www.portraitbylarissa.com/40over40