Making up after Dorian, Hillsborough cancels 4 early-release school days

Hillsborough County schools will not have any more early-release days this fall, thanks to Hurricane Dorian.

Like many counties, Hillsborough canceled school the day after the Labor Day holiday despite an uncertain forecast, citing the potential for bad weather and the need for schools to server as shelters. The storm turned north and did not strike Florida.

However, in order to meet state requirements for class time, the county must make up the lost day. In order to do that, officials said Tuesday that they were canceling early release on four Mondays.

The following Mondays will now become full school days: 
- September 16
- September 23
- September 30
- October 7

"This means we will not have any more early release days for the rest of this semester," a schools spokesperson noted.  "Our next early release day will be January 13, next semester."

Pinellas County, meanwhile, announced Monday that they do not need to make up for the lost day.