Man accused of killing Hillsborough County MCprl. LaVigne remains hospitalized

Weeks after Travis Garrett allegedly rammed his vehicle into the car of Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Corporal Brian LaVigne, killing him, Garrett remains in the hospital.

In court, Hillsborough County public defender Jennifer Spradley told the judge her client will remain hospitalized for at least another week, but has given permission to waive his appearance in court.

Outside the courthouse Friday, Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren announced his office has filed first-degree murder charges against Garrett.

"This was a deliberate, intentional attack on law enforcement. He targeted a cop, it’s that simple," said Warren. 

Prosecutors say Garrett targeting cops isn't new. Court documents obtained by FOX 13 show Garrett attacked two sheriff’s deputies in Camden, Georgia during an incident in May 2017.  

They say Garrett was found walking on the south ramp of Interstate 95 when the deputy approached him, Garrett ignored his commands.

When the deputy tried to stop him, records show, Garrett attacked him with a cane. They say Garrett then punched another responding deputy in the head. The deputy used his taser on Garrett but it had no effect on him. They believed he was high on drugs.  

Records show the case was never prosecuted but, under an agreement, Garrett was ordered to undergo mental health treatment at a VA facility. Once he completed the treatment, the charges were dropped.  

Meanwhile, in Hillsborough County, Garrett was booked remotely. During Friday's hearing, prosecutors say they plan to fight to keep Garrett locked up once he's out of the hospital, calling him dangerous with, "a violent disregard for the safety of others."

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Warren says he hasn't decided whether he will seek the death penalty.

"When you choose to commit a crime like this, when you choose to cause pain like this, these are the consequences," Warren said. "Our next order of business is getting him detained on Monday so that he never gets out of jail."