Man who raped, killed 73-year-old as a teen to be re-sentenced

Deb Moffatt wants her mother's killer locked up forever.

Michael Gonzales was sentenced to life in prison without parole at the age of 15 for raping and killing Moffatt's 73-year-old mother, Anna Erwin.

Gonzales asked to use her phone and when she let him in, he attacked.

"The sad part of it is, she would have helped Michael. He didn't have to do what he did," Moffatt said. 

Despite the life sentence, Erwin's family has been dragged back to court after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled juvenile offenders should have a chance at parole. Gonzalez is being re-sentenced.

Anna Erwin's lifeless body was discovered by her husband of 55 years. Moffatt told the judge he was never the same again.

"He was just like a little broken man," cried Moffatt.

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The defense says Gonzalez came from an abusive and neglected home. More than a decade ago, his aunt told FOX 13 her nephew often talked and drew pictures about killing his parents.

But now, a much older Gonzalez gets a chance at freedom. Nothing could be worse for Anna Erwin's family.

"I just pray he is never able to do this to anyone else," said Moffatt.

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Mark Kiser is expected to rule on a new sentence October 2, 2019.