Meet dozens of alpacas at Sweet Blossom’s open house in Dade City

Across 15 acres in Dade City, 65 alpacas – and four llamas -- roam. Most of the time, you have to schedule a tour at Sweet Blossom to meet them, but their annual open house is right around the corner.

Sweet Blossom Alpaca Farm’s open house will be held Saturday, November 16 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.  

Debbie Pettis, the owner, said she first fell in love with the alpaca when she saw a newspaper article with a photo of them. At the time, she didn’t know what an alpaca was. 

Pettis and her husband visited a farm, and they decided to open their own.

“I just couldn't imagine not waking up and seeing these little faces,” Pettis told FOX 13 during a February visit.

They’re docile, loving and so soft. Pettis said she raises them for their fiber, also known as their fur. They create rugs, yarn, and scarves and other items. They sell it all on the farm.

Each alpaca and llama has its own personality – and name. You can meet each one yourself.

Sweet Blossom is located at 37543 Pappy Road in Dade City. For more information, head over to Sweet Blossom Alpaca Farm's website.