Mom: Convicted quadruple-murderer was bullied, abused

Hoping to spare her son's life, Rose Matos took the stand and told the jury about her son's hard knocks in life, starting at very early age. 

"He was bullied in first grade, second grade, third grade and I continued to look for better schooling for him," Rose said.

And the abuse didn't end at school. At home, she says, his grandfather would do it too.

On Thursday, Adam Matos was convicted of killing four people: His ex-girlfriend Megan Brown, her parents, and her new boyfriend, Nicholas Leonard.

Despite that, Rose's support for her son has never wavered. 

"I love my son, no matter what. I am hurt just like any parent would feel hurt. As a single parent, you try to teach your children there has to be another way than what you see on TV,” she continued.

Later, Adam Matos’ older brother Peter DeJesus took the stand.  He says he's still trying to process what happened. "A bit shocked, what he's being accused of and what he's being charged with.”

But prosecutors reminded the jury of how brutal and violent the murders were.  Nicholas Leonard was bludgeoned to death with a hammer; the medical examiner counted 21 blows to the head.

No witness was as emotional on the stand as Adriana Clauss. She was Megan's roommate, but the two very close.

“I miss Maggie. I feel like she was my mom and she was taken from me. I don't know, he was never aggressive, I just don't know what to say," she said.

The jury is expected to begin deliberations on the case tomorrow. They must be unanimous to hand down a death sentence.