Mom creates Blueland cleaning products to save space, money, and the environment

Jennifer Mizrahi is thoughtful about the cleaning products she buys.

"Being the mother of a 1-year-old and also pregnant, [I’m] very cautious and careful about the products I'm cleaning with but also using," said Mizrahi.

She saw a new product called Blueland advertised on Instagram and decided to give it a try. She bought the clean-up kit, which comes with a glass and mirror spray, a multi-surface spray and a bathroom spray.

So far, she's been impressed.  

"Low odor, non-harsh on your hands. Your hands don't feel like they're dried out after using the product. Very safe, and also it's effective," offered Mizrahi.

Blueland was created by another mom, Sarah Paiji Yoo, after she researched the water she was going to use for her son's formula. 

"A liter of water contains hundreds of pieces of microplastics. And that's when it hit me that, like, wow, all this plastic that we're consuming as a society is hitting our waterways and our oceans and it's now showing up in the water that we drink and the food that we eat and the formula I was making my baby," Paiji Yoo explained.

She wanted to find a way to eliminate some of the plastic use, so she came up with the three forever bottles. 

"Acrylic material, so it's a nice, ecofriendly but also shatterproof material, so it's particularly great for moms who may have kids running around because you don't risk the bottle breaking," said Paiji Yoo.

She also created environmentally-safe cleaning tablets. 

"You simply fill it up with water. You drop in one of our tablets and that's it; the tablet starts bubbling and after a few minutes you have a full bottle of solution," she continued.

Mizrahi said it's been eco-friendly and economical. "We were spending a lot of money buying plastic bottles."

"An average household, in its lifetime, can save thousands of dollars just buying the refill tablets and not having to buy the packaging or the water over and over again,” Paiji Yoo added.

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