Mulberry holiday light show boasts 126K lights

A dazzling display lights December nights in Mulberry and the homeowner says people come from all over Florida to enjoy the show.

The Marquise Lane light show features more than 100,000 lights – and 10,400 feet of extension cords - and Don Weaver said he’s been putting the light show together for seven years running.

Weaver explained, "it takes 30 days, about 12 hours a day. My wife, she says ‘why don't you do Christmas lights for the kids?’ I said, ‘well my kids are grown,’ and laughed. She said ‘I'm talking about the neighborhood kids,’ so we started. Now, we do Halloween and Christmas every year. We get so much thrill, me and my wife both, seeing the kids."

But the show isn’t just for the kids. Parents love it, too. Tabitha Biehl and her 7-year-old son Mason said the music really brings the show together.

Mason explained, “my favorite was the sleigh at the top of the house. It has the music. You can to go in the backyard. It was incredible."

"The kids were super excited about seeing these lights, then having the music, especially the Christmas music tied into it, is really magical. Being able to walk through the whole thing, you feel like you're really immersed in the Christmas spirit," Biehl said.

The show has grown each year, adding more lights to the magic.

"When we first started, we went with only 42,000 lights, then it went to 60,000, then it went to 90,000, then 110,000 and then this year, 126. I'm about running out of yard," Weaver said.