Murder suspected after body found in Homosassa trash can

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Deputies in Citrus County are investigating an apparent murder after human remains were found in a trash can over the weekend.

On Saturday, Citrus County deputies said they found the trash bin in a wooded lot near American Avocet Point in Homosassa. Neighbors in the area said the can had been left in the wooded lot since the week of Hurricane Irma.

“It's scary. The buzzards were going crazy and I couldn't understand why,” said resident Mark Allen. “How that got there is beyond me that is just very very weird.”

The victim was described as a small-framed male, wearing jeans and a T-shirt, the sheriff’s office said. He has since been identified as Ryan McClellan. The 33-year-old had not been heard from since September 16.

Sheriff Mike Prendergast says investigators believe he was murdered and the dumped off the rural stretch of road only a half mile from his home. Neighbors explain the sight of buzzards and a foul odor made them believe something was in the trash can that shouldn’t be.

“Somebody smelled something said it didn't smell right but they got scared and called the police,” said Allen.

Answers to who killed McClellan and why are still being looked into, but sheriff’s office officials say they do have some solid leads to investigate right now.

However, investigators are still asking anyone with information to contact the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office at 352-726-1121.