Naked man arrested at Florida Chick-fil-A for trying to fight passerby, deputies say

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A 30-year-old man from Palm Coast, Florida was arrested after running around naked, swearing and yelling at people in a Chick-fil-A parking lot, according to deputies.

Flagler County deputies arrested Cory Hatzl on Monday morning, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The newspaper said a woman called authorities around 1 a.m. saying the suspect was chasing her boyfriend. She said her boyfriend was riding his bicycle by a Winn-Dixie on Palm Coast Parkway when Hatzl began chasing him.

The Sentinel reports that when she arrived at the Chick-fil-A, the suspect tried to fight her boyfriend, while stripping his clothes off. He allegedly yelled, “you’re gay for looking at my penis.” 

Hatzl was arrested and charged with obstruction by not cooperating with authorities. According to the Sentinel, the woman and her boyfriend did not want to press charges.