Nanny accused of molesting child gives birth in jail

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A jailed woman who faces charges of allegedly molesting and becoming pregnant by an 11-year-old boy has given birth to a third child.

The child's father, who is not the boy she is accused of sexually battering but is related to him by marriage, is now fighting to get custody of the newborn, which is currently in the state's custody.

Last time we saw defendant Marissa Mowry she was pregnant and getting close to her due date.

Sources tell FOX 13 Mowry just gave birth to a baby boy she named Nathan.

Court records show the father, who's in his early 20s, is now asking for full custody of the baby.

Mowry's first child is already three years old. The baby's father was only 11 when Mowry allegedly began molesting him.

Mowry was the family's live-in nanny. The victim's mother trusted her and never suspected a thing.

To protect the boy's identity, we will call his mother Anne. She says when Mowry got pregnant she lied and told the family the father was an ex-boyfriend.

"She manipulated him mentally, physically and sexually," said Anne.

Court records show Mowry got pregnant a second time by a boy who was 16 at the time.

Documents show the family of teen father number two is also fighting for custody of his baby.

As for Mowry, she is now facing several counts of felony capital sex battery charges which could mean a life sentence if convicted. But her biggest punishment may be not watching her little ones grow up.

Mowry is back in court in late January 2018.