Neighbors relieved after suspected drug house busted in Hudson

Pasco County deputies say they've made significant progress in curbing drug activity in Bayonet Point, thanks in part to arrests in a narcotics investigation.

Deputies made four arrests related to the sale or possession of cocaine and meth amphetamine, the sheriff’s office announced Tuesday.

Undercover detectives investigated reported drug activity at a house on Gulf Breeze Circle in Bayonet Point, Florida.

“You had anywhere from 6 to 13 to 15 of these people who would hang out during the daylight hours, sleep there all night, cause all kinds of community problems,” Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Robert Rogers said. “So this is the house where everything was kind of happening.”

Back in December, an undercover officer gave Barbara Rowan $100 to buy cocaine. The sheriff’s office said Rowan went inside the Gulf Breeze Circle home, then came back and said someone had to go get the drugs. Rowan then left the detective without the money or the drugs.

On January 2, an undercover detective knocked on the door of the same house and asked for $100 of cocaine. The sheriff’s office says Michael Adkins produced four plastic baggies with suspected cocaine inside and sold it to the detective.

On January 17, a search warrant was granted for the home on Gulf Breeze Circle.

During the search, detectives say Rowan and Adkins were at the home and were arrested.

Also at the home was a man named William Dew was there and found to have a pipe with cocaine residue inside. A spoon nearby tested positive for opiate residue, as well. Detectives said Dew was arrested and later admitted to knowing the house was being used to sell narcotics.

Finally, detectives arrested Anthony Nigro, III during the search. They say Nigro was in possession of a drug ledger, six rounds of .22 ammunition, and a scale with residue that tested positive for drugs.

Adkins was charged with possession of cocaine and methamphetamine with intent to sell.

Rowan was charged with petty theft.

Dew was charged with possession of cocaine and controlled substances.

Nigro was charged with possession of methamphetamine and cocaine and felon in possession of a firearm.